Name of the fish meat?

Can anyone help me with the editor name of the new Raw fish meat items added to the game in pach 240?
Can’t seem to find it anywere in the editor…

Devkit is still 239.2. Fish meat won’t be available till devkit version 240 is released

Ok thx alot. Any ide on when that will happen?

Well it was 3 months for the last update, so maybe Christmas?

On a serious note, updates are rare, with few and far between content releases.
If you don’t like this practise we need to work together as a community to get them to address the situation, however the ADK is free and not even close to their priority. But if they were to release the content to the ADK and let us test things before releasing possibly buggy or broken content, they would get far greater detailed feedback.

No Idea. Probably not too long contrary to what others will have to you believe.

Strange, there were 2 updates during April of this year alone. Not to mention I have 13 different versions of devkit update zip files dating back only to the 26th of December 2015 alone. (I would have more but my hard drive died around that time and I lost my downloads folder) That’s quite a bit less than 3 months since the last release and if you average it out that’s a little more than 2 releases a month. I would hardly call that “Few and far between”.

I’ll admit there are some issues but not even close to what you’re describing.

I don’t know why people insist on exaggerating and spreading misleading information on things like this so much. Please stop.
Thank you.