Name of level and name of asset

I have HUD asset with name interfaced. And I have a map with same name. I’m building project through UnrealFrontend and the map seems like wasn’t been cooked. If I’ll change name of a map everything gone be fine.
In logs:

UE4Editor-Cmd: [2014.09.24-05.49.54:490][  0]LogPackageName:Warning: Found ambiguous file name for 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/interfaces/newshipeditor/newshipeditor.uasset'. Returning 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/interfaces/newshipeditor/newshipeditor.uasset', but could also be 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/Maps/newshipeditor.umap'.

UE4Editor-Cmd: [2014.09.24-05.49.54:491][  0]LogPackageName: SearchForPackageOnDisk took   0.031s to resolve C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/interfaces/newshipeditor/newshipeditor.uasset
UE4Editor-Cmd: [2014.09.24-05.49.58:392][  0]LogInit:Display: LogPackageName:Warning: Found ambiguous file name for 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/interfaces/newshipeditor/newshipeditor.uasset'. Returning 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/interfaces/newshipeditor/newshipeditor.uasset', but could also be 'C:/Rickert/Projects/Rickws/space_prototype/Content/Maps/newshipeditor.umap'.

By the way, why blanked project without any starter content doesn’t create default folders hierarchy (Maps folders, etc.) ? This is critical for UnrealFrontend, it can list maps only from Maps folder. And without starter content no one can built their projects with cooked map. As I mentioned here - Cooking levels - Platform & Builds - Epic Developer Community Forums

Hi Alanir,

Unfortunately, you cannot reference two items with the same name.

Including starter content for a new project will create the folder hierarchy or, alternatively, you can manually add the folder structure (as you have done.) I am submitting a feature request to streamline this process.


Hi , thanks for the answer.
I think, if two items with same names causing problems, unreal engine shouldn’t let me do this. How can other people understand such logic ? Only through spending two work days on solving such undefined behaviour.

Hi Alanir,

Within the feature request, I’ve requested an error message be generated when duplicate names are used to help avoid similar issues in the future. Thank you for your input.

Hey ,

Dunno if it has been fixed since then, but I just got this kind of issue which would crash the compiled game on servertravel. I renamed the assets to avoid that and rebuilt it. Fixed.

Wasted some time to figure this one out.

Hi ,

Could you please provide us feature request id, so we can track progress?

Thank you.

UE-944 Feature Request: Folder Hierarchy in Blank Projects without Starter Content