name camera's based on filename

I’ve been importing cameras into maya.

but its renaming all my camera 1 to 500…

I exported to keep original names and they have stayed correct under the image planes.

I would like each camera to be called the original photo name. its little confusing as is.

and if anyone knows a maya script that will rename cameras based on a imageplane filename then it would get around my issue at the moment.



Hi Chris,

This is a limitation of Maya format as it cannot change Camera names to exact FILE names.

Over the weekend I will try some workarounds to solve this…

no problem.

I’m only using maya temporarily.

I’m more interested in having it working into 3dsmax via fbx or abc :slight_smile:

I think i have gotten what i need for the moment. but it would be good to have a nice clean workflow for getting cameras and models into 3rd party apps. will make camera matching quite a bit quicker.