[NAD] - Marshall Environment Project

Hi guys!

It is with great pleasure that I share with you our environment project made in UE4 for University.

We had to choose a comic book and recreate a 3D scene inspired by one of the panels. We also had a 30 object limit with which to construct our environment with. Anything modular, such as houses, were exempt from the count. This was to force us to think about the reusabilty of our assets. The scene also had to be fully playable, so that the teacher could walk around in our scene for corrections.

This is a four person team project which spanned the entirety of our semester.

We are all from NAD in Montreal, Canada.

Please enjoy a video (and screen shots when I get around to adding them in)

Marshall Team:
Francois Gregoire
Jessica Simard
Laurier L. Lajoie
Louis-Michel Lebeau


Great work, to many seagulls haha some oddities in the polycounts per object however.

Well made :smiley:

CG to the team :slight_smile:

Very nice, well done!

Really nice. Out of interest which comic book inspired you?

Thank everyone.

Jonny2027: we based it off a french comic called Marshall. They only ever made 4 issues and the story isn’t great but the environments were interesting and loose enough to make a project out of it.

Here the new link if the video in the main post doesn’t work

Enjoy !

Thanks for the info Jessi. I will have to take a look at them. Congrats on a great environment and team project.