Na Pali Revolution

After learning there will be a new UT and seeing the screenshots here I immediately registered to this forum to say one thing: With these AMAZING graphics I SO MUCH wished there would be not just a Tournament, but also a single player game that takes us back to Na Pali of the legendary “Unreal”! A storyline that maybe not just remakes the old game, but makes us revisit some of the places of the old game, just in this stunning new graphics look. It is such a pity that these graphics are “wasted” (sorry for the harsh word) for “just” a multiplayer arena game instead of creating a storyline with it that would follow up to the famous “Unreal” single player game. Maybe even “open world”, something like “Fallout 4” will be, but on Na Pali :wink: (and in the end free this planet from the reign of the Skaarj, giving it back to the Nali!)

Why is this not happening? Single player story games not in fashion anymore? Well, not true. So…?

I would pay 100 $ for “Unreal - Na Pali Revolution”!!

Hi there,

You may want to try asking about an Unreal Tournament campaign on the Unreal Tournament forums to get a better response. We aren’t really able to make those kinds of calls here, as the people on this forum aren’t working on UT.