N00b Question About Abandoned Mods

Hi! I’ve been looking at getting into modding, although I’ll probably wait to start until the new devkit releases. I had some questions, though, that I hope somebody can help answer.

There are a number of mods that have been staples on various servers I’ve played on, which have been abandoned. Either they haven’t been updated since last year, or the mod author has said that they are no longer going to continue to work on the mod. Initially, I would’ve thought you could look at the files in the devkit, but further reading told me that this isn’t the case. It makes sense, thinking about it, to protect mod authors from others stealing their work. To clarify, I wanted to look because the difficulty mods available don’t quite work right for our server, and the closest one has most definitely been abandoned, so I was hoping to be able to see how they did it and then make my own from scratch.

Other mods are trickier because they involve custom meshes, and I’m not generally good at graphics, unless the devkit makes it a lot easier than I think it is. Some of the mod authors, however, are still active on Steam, but they don’t seem to read comments on their mod anymore, and I can’t find a way to message someone through Steam unless they’re already a friend. Does anybody know how I might be able to get in touch to ask if they would allow me to resurrect the project? (Hopefully) Obviously, full credit given for the original mod. But, I haven’t been able to find out a way to contact them (and at least one has their profile set to private and is definitely not checking the mod comments), so I was hoping somebody might have a suggestion or two.

I do want to make it clear I’m definitely not trying to steal anyone’s work. Yes, I’d like to have an already existing mod to look at the code base for (see: difficulty mods), but the other reason is I hate to see amazing mods abandoned. Rainbow Zoo in particular comes to mind. While the dinos needed some serious balancing, they were gorgeous, and I hate to see that go “bye”. That said, I come from the open source community, where forking projects, especially abandoned ones, is pretty common. I will admit complete ignorance as to the ARK mod community attitude on the subject, and hope I have not offended anybody by accident.

Thanks in advance! Even if the answer turns out to be, I have to start from scratch, I’m glad this forum is here to run questions by folks if I hit a snag (after checking to see if the question’s already been asked and answered, of course). I’m looking forward to digging in and getting my hands dirty. :slight_smile: