N-Wheeled vehicles

So vehicles with a number of wheels which isn’t 4 requires some C++ coding: Multi-wheeled vehicles (more than 4 wheels) - UE4 AnswerHub

Is there any reference to start off with in order to implement such a vehicle? Specifically I’m attempting to create a 2-wheeled vehicle.

Hi Daveoh, this is something i’m interested in as well, while 4w vehicles are nice it excludes everything else including trucks tanks halftracks apc’s the list goes on, even in the editor “add code” it will only extend from the version with the 4w movement component and not the base class, bodging it via the bp just isn’t on in most cases, it was possible in ue2/ue3 so why not now in ue4 it does seem lacking. i’m looking into it but my coding skills are very limited.

to help you with your “2 whl” maybe a little trick will help in the mean time, think about a child’s bike with stabilizers on the side, this is how i did it in earlier unreal engines