MYTHIC: Atlantis | Looking for more Developers and Creative people!

Greetings Future Arcanist,
MYTHIC Is looking for more Developers to help and develop a MAP/Mods that we happy to finally announce outside our community called… drum roll, please…

**Atlantis, and yes the lost Empire, this map is going to be an underwater fantasy map. We also believe that This is actually the first Underwater map that has been announced. But to give you a better idea of the project, without leaking too much info. But as I stated this map is going for a very watery feel and beautiful and fantasy. Our goal at the end of the project is doing a complete overhaul on the game like Primitive Plus did. to show you some ideas we want to do to the map will be. And show you further on once we get our SVN fully up. **
**MAP Details **

**We want to make custom water shaders, custom skybox custom pretty much everything! To make this stand out I’ll show you some ideas that we want to do and that will be. **

  1. The ideal skybox we are going for kinda:

**We would like to make this Skybox have animations and kinda have a world of warcraft skybox feel. But with Unreal Engine Graphics. **

  1. **Custom Creatures and Revamp of Models to be our own. **
  2. Maelstrom/Whirlpool
  1. **Custom Events/schedule events. **
  2. **Custom lore. **
  3. **Other amazing features that this map will offer but I cannot share too much :smiley: **

Our Development Team

  1. Brooke (me) Owner of Mythic/Lead Designer/Animator/3d Designer/Level Designer
  2. Phelps Head Admin of MYTHIC/Co-lead Design/Animator/3d Design/Level, Designer
  3. AzerexFlame: MYTHIC STAFF/Coder/Lore Writer/Level Designer
  4. Alex: MYTHIC STAFF/Coder
  5. ToxicGaming: MYTHIC STAFF/Level Designer
  6. MachoCheese: MYTHIC STAFF/3d Designer/Level Designer
  7. Kommie: Lore Walker
  8. **Azag: Lore Walker
We are looking for more developers to join our community and design team to make amazing mods for ARK! We are mostly looking for coders and possible Animators and maybe more 3d designers. Most of our developers are new to the dev kit and new to unreal but I will say this that we are fast learning group of people. and always down to new teachings. or new techniques**

**What We ask for you, or who want to join us **

We would really appreciate if you did join us on discord and help the growth of our development of our map :slight_smile: <3 **How to Reach **

Our discord info is:
Private message Me or Phelps and notify us that you are interested in being whatever you are good at
Also add me on steam: Brookie.MythicC (But highly suggest you join the discord because that was we discussed the mod/map :slight_smile:

Our new discord is…