MySynthComponent build error

I was following this tutorial on creating a simple frequency generator:

It works fine and is great but when I go to build my project and have nativize blueprints set to true, I get a build fail with this error for every time I use the SetFrequency function in Blueprint:

error C2248: ‘UMySynthComponent::SetFrequency’: cannot access private member declared in class ‘UMySynthComponent’

I did not edit the .h or .cpp files that were generated with this (you can see the code in the video…it’s not a lot). I followed the tutorial exactly, even naming everything the same.

I am just curious if there is an easy way to fix this. Googling around I found a few things but as I am not super familiar with C++ so the solutions don’t make a lot of sense to me nor do I think they are relevant to this situation…

Any ideas?