MysticHollow - My first scene

Hello! ( Sorry for my english ).

This is my first scene made with Unreal Engine 4 in the free time.
I have spend around 5 days working on it and partly on the content.
The scene it’s realized thinking about something of magical, mysterious and a bit dark.
I appreciate tips.

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Thanks and Enjoy!!

No feedback yet? Jeeze…

Well I think it’s pretty good for your first scene in UE4! Of course there are some technical details to work on :wink:
You may want to tweak the fire effects so they are more like flames from the torches. As of now the first torches look good but the following torches look kind of like small explosions :slight_smile:
You could also probably tone down the lighting and post process effects, like with the glowing crystals and lens flares.
That way you can see some detail in the crystals and possibly the hanging plants to make it more magical and mysterious!
Right now as you travel through the cave it’s almost like an acid trip and walk down the Strip in Vegas :slight_smile:
But keep up the good work! The more you practice the better you get and more amazing tricks you can pull off!

Thanks so much.
I appreciate your comment, because you gave me good advice and very constructive criticism, thanks, i hope to improve even more.
Thanks a lot!

This scenery is sooo gorgeous. I would love to get to run around in there in a game mission. Great job!!