Mystery force while rubbing against static mesh?

Hi all,

I have an issue with character movement that I hope you can help me with. This is all done with blueprints.

I have a character that moves on the X and Y axis (2D game). There are two walls (basic static meshes) on either side. Pressing Mouse 1 will cause it to shoot forward on the Y. The character will then automatically and smoothly move back to it’s starting Y position (there’s a cooldown so you can’t constantly shoot forward). That works OK. The problem is while the character is moving back and I hold left/right so that it rubs against the wall, the character will go past the Y.

I’m using “Add Movement Input” node for all the movements. Is there some other force happening as the character is rubbing against the wall? Does the force in X go to Y since it can’t move left/right anymore?