Mysterious Root Motion

Hello! I imported an animated skeletal mesh from blender into UE4. After a while, I got the orientation of the mesh right, and after some more research and trial and error, I got the animations working as well. But now I am trying to get the root motion to work, and can’t figure out what is going on. The animation is playing fine, but the root motion is working into the wrong direction and also scaled down a lot. Also when disabling root motion altogether, my mesh just disappears. Sometimes my mesh also gets really small and changes in orientation when disabling root motion. Please see pictures for clarification.
Could you enlighten me about what’s going on?

This is the original animation inside blender how it is supposed to look like in UE4

animation working fine, but root motion in the wrong direction and scaled down

mesh disappearing when disabling root motion inside the editor

most confusing of all: mesh changing orientation and scale when disabling root motion

apply all transforms to the armature Before animating root motion.

thank you for answering! how can I fix this problem now? the animation looks fine in blender. should I delete the keyframes of the root bone, make sure all transforms are applied and then animate it again? sounds like something that should be able to be automated.

You have to go back to the original blender file. Delete the animation(s) of the object - not the armature.
apply all transofrms on the object, and animate it its position again.