Mysterious Night VR Experience

Hiya Just wanted to Post my work I’ve done for my University Project. This is the first time i have used UE4 but the community and the learning resources provided by Unreal was very valuable in helping my understand this powerful game engine. As for the project, well its a VR film I made inspired by final fantasy and the last guardian. As for the completion of this project,I have finished this project aiming for what im good for which is animation, modelling and texturing however for this project to be complete i needed sound as well but as Im one student i thought its best for me to focus on the aspect im good at for my final year degree and leave out sound because well, im not a sound producer or anything so it would sound **** anyways if i tried. I thank you for taking a peak at my lil project and hope everyone has a good day


Just some screenshots from the whole scene to show a peak of the VR film ^^