Mysterious Empty Warning in MessageLog

I received this error (a blank message save for an exclamation mark) and I’m just wondering if anyone knows anything about it. It’s not interrupting my workflow or anything, I’m just curious as to what it means. Perhaps it’s referring to other errors in log?

Hi Yules,

What triggers this warning? Does it occur during Play? Does it consistently happen, or did it only happen one time? If you open Output Log (Window > Developer Log), does it output anything there when this occurs? We may need to see project to look into this further; if you’re able to upload it somewhere, please get us a download link. Thanks!

It only happened once (so far), and I’m pretty sure I had just rebuilt lighting. I won’t upload a link to file because it really isn’t an issue - I was just wondering if anyone had encountered it before.

Hey Yules,

Thanks for report. Since we can’t get a reproduction here, I’ll go ahead and resolve this post for now. If this happens to you again and you’re able to give us some repro steps, please post here again so we can look into it further. No need to send project to us if it’s only a one-time event so far. Thanks!

I sort of figured it out - it happened again while I got the “flying bug”, which occurs semi-often and sends me hurtling into space when I press right or left mouse button, instead of gently moving me around to where I press to go. It seems to resolve itself somewhat, so I don’t think it’ll present itself as too much of a problem. Thank you for your help.