Mysterious config files... Won't save.

So I used to save arrays of structs in config files not anymore since it won’t anymore… Any idea why ?

maybe a windows update or something ?

let me go test our old game and see. I have those in our game and i will reply back if ours is broken.

EDIT: Yeah something has changed they broke our game. OURS IS “YOU CAN NOT JOIN THE GAME” Stupid join function in playercontroller over to the game type is causing our issue. No one plays it, so hell with it it can stay broken, LMFAO To the ones who broke this stuff, GOOD JOB IDIOTS!

I know the new engine will not read a tarray from with in a structure in the config files. It does not get put into memory. Pathetic really.

This is a bit concerning that this can even happen… Do you know if the base UDK install stores any stucts in the config files? I don’t think I’m saving any structs to .ini files (although i think i am to other save files).

I haven’t had any complaints yet from players (#fingerscrossed)

yeah stock udk does use arrays in config files. One of them is this one(DefaultMapPrefixes) i am pretty sure we are all using this one.