Mysteries of Genesis [MMORPG] [INDIE] [Under Development]

“In the beginning there was only Light and Void
Join the struggle for the fate of a world scarred with the graves of men and gods.
Choose from a diverse array of species and classes.
Quest, battle, raid, and maybe even save the world while you do.
Partake in adventures of all sorts, or choose your own path.
Join those brave few who have dared to discover the mysteries of Genesis in this new medieval third person MMORPG”

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Some Fotos:

Infernal Race Preview:

World Preview:

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Human And Dryad Races Preview:

Races And Classes Info:

Every race has its own class. So you can’t choose a class from another Race.

Race - Classes

Dragon - Feral, Pyromancer, Scout, Warlord

Dryad - Protector, Ranger, Warder

Ethereal - Caster, Guardian, Warrior

Human - Archer, Assassin, Destroyer, Knight, Magus, Martial Arts

Infernal - Berserker, Necromancer, Warlock

In the future more classes and races may be added!

Need feedback :slight_smile: