MySQL Integration for UE4

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Hi Guys , my MYSQL integration plugin for UE4 is now on marketplace. This plugin lets you connect your UE4 projects with MySQL Server. Easily execute queries from Blueprints to store and retrieve data from your database.


1> Asynchronous Connection to your Server via Windows Authentication System as well as MySQL Server Authentication System. Asynchronous Connection ensures that your main thread will not be blocked if the connection takes time.
2> Form your Select Queries to Select Data from the MySQL Server.
3> Write Insert , Update and Delete Queries to modify data in the MySQL Server. Create and Drop Tables directly from Blueprints.
4> Write custom Connectionstring to connect to your server using different connection parameters.
5 > Write Synchronous as well as Asynchronous queries. With Asynchronous queries , you can keep the UI interactive and perform other operations while the query execution happens in the background.

Thanks for taking the time in creating and releasing this plugin. The only thing I think can be improved is your youtube tutorial. Its very fast paced and there are many things in the blueprints you assume we already know how to do. I am a beginner user of Unreal Engine and there are things you are passing over quickly that I don’t know what they are and when I try to duplicate them I get errors I can’t seem to resolve. Maybe give us a video series on how to use this plug in. Give us 1 video on how to establish a connection to the database and set up ways of testing that connection through out the development process. then maybe another one on how to create table and setting up the various queries. Please assume we as users do not know anything. I do know how to use MySQL and PHP very well but I am very knew to Unreal so just ask for a little more clarity. Thanks.