Mykonos work in progress

About half way home but time to get picky with the details.

/me will for for speedtrees :smiley:

well, I think needs a better lighting with proper sun color on buildings… and maybe a Vangelis music hehe:) looks nice.

It looks dark.


Too dark but that depends on the hour. Nice work though.

The environment looks great but lighting is too flat. I agree with above posts that the sun’s intensity needs to be higher, also give LPV a go if you havent already(as i assume this is dynamically lit already.) You can tweak it’s size and intensity for interiors with pp volumes. And increase SSR Max Roughness to 1 in your global post process and see how it looks; it improves the looks in some cases.

Hay Jacky I’ll have a look at LPV but

“Light Propagation Volumes are a feature in development and not ready for production. “

If it’s not ready I’ll wait :wink:

So I’ve been putting the effort into build up the environment first and then polish everything else later.

But just to have a look see I’ll give your suggestions a go.

As stated it is a work in progress and what you see is what you get as far as a single directional light and Skylight goes as well as a lightmass volume and a post.

To be honest lighting is not my strong point so I’m leaving it for last in hopes there will be an all in one tutorial at some point that is project based.

By the way the canopy’s should bleed blue onto the walls that I have yet to figure out.

Any suggestions?

Updated fly through

Interesting thing is I started to introduced new features as they were made available in the preview builds and just left them on or hooked up and although they did not do much as to adding detail over time things started looking better and I really did not do anything from the last fly through except for adding in a few elements here and there. Seems like if I put a block in the middle of no where and come back a year latter the Epic elves would have made the entire environment for me. :slight_smile: