MyCharacter Doesn't get any input

In the defaults tab i chose player 0, but still … no input … I want to basically do a Onclicked, but even numbers or all other kind of input doesn’t work.

Edit: MyCharacter is not possessed by me if it matters… I’m trying to do Onclicked event and then it possess the character.

did you enable mouse events?

  • Create a Input Action inside the Prjject Settings -> Input -> Action Mappings with for example Lfet Mouse Button to select your Character
  • Inside your Controller get that InputAction and do a “Get Hit Result under cursor by channel” (Change Trace Chnalle to Camera…at least I had to change it, otherwise it was not working)
  • Break the hit result and use the “Hit Actor” to cast it to “MyCharacter” (I assume that is the name of you own character BP).
  • From the cast output pin get the posses node…

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