MyCharacter Client Movement Constrained

I’ve watched the networking tutorials, and created some custom movement functionality for the 3rd person blueprint template (20+ video series) using mostly the LaunchCharacter function. When I play as a server everything works as intended but when testing as a client the animations (default) for the movements begin to trigger but the actual movement is restricted to the basic jumping and walking. When using the debugger to observe the blueprint flow of events it seems that everything fires correctly but the output (actual character intended position) is not updated.

My movement scripting contains only a couple variables all of which I’ve tried to replicate but with seemingly no effect.

There seems to be a great tutorial here and I am wondering if I have to somehow implement movement using this approach rather than working with MyCharacter. There are many features that seem to be already implemented into MyCharacter that I would hate to discard.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions on a path forward.

Bumping this hopeful for some advice or a suggestion. =) My guess is I must be missing something obvious, just racking my limited knowledge for what it might be. =P

Bumping again to see if anyone else has experienced a similar problem. Thanks.

Yeah… We’ve been having that issue too.