My Xmas Gift to Fellow Devs (Hair pack with physics)

Download Link
it should work with 4.19 and higher

**I was working on these to make a marketplace listing , it takes too much time until i make every hair optimized the best way for general use . but they may be useful in this state to some people . **
I’m gonna copy paste text from draft listing enjoy .

This is a collection of hair assets (meshes) with a mix of normal static mesh assets as well as 17 hair assets with physical behavior.
All of the hair assets are either normal static mesh or skeletal mesh with default UE4 cloth system enabled so you don’t need anything else to use them in your project and character right now. The setup and how to use it is in the documentation in the link above as well as some screenshot from the map, which is in the package in the engine.

This looks great! Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:


Looks great!

Wow these are amazing. It’s very generous of you to offer them for free. I would really like to implement them into my Conan Exiles mod; however that is on version 4.15. Would it be possible for me to get these as non uasset files? When I import them they don’t show up, which I determine to be related to the UE4 version.

Thank you, and have a wonderful 2020!

This is fantastic, thank you so much for your work on this!

that’s interesting , 3 modders contacted me for these . your problem with importing package is for unreal version , open the asset in 4.19 then migrate them to your own project from there .(right click on folder and click migrate to your own project’s content folder) .for 4.15 I’m not sure if that work . i will put the fbx versions later here .i’m a little busy right now and i don’t have access to the source for a few days.
as i said to other people , these are my first draft in engine and are not optimized , keep that in mind when using these.