My work with sequencer

Hi guys! i’m learning how to work with unreal and sequencer… and i’ve made some video with it (i’m still a beginner, i accept any criticism, advice and tutorial on sequencer):

tell me what do you think, thanks! :slight_smile:

Cool stuff! Great atmosphere :slight_smile:
If you are going after a cinematic style I would recommend more static shots with narrower field of view. Perhaps some Depth of field :slight_smile:

thanks for the advices! in the second video you can see some DOF but i don’t know how to use it properly :slight_smile:

I was curious - do the rails and the various cameras get hidden automatically during play?

what do you mean with “during play”? in the final video rendering or during the development of the project?

A beginner, but looking good nonetheless @Pierpietro; :smiley:

there’ s a lot to improve, now i’m working to something a bit more complex and done better! thanks! :slight_smile:

Both really

in the final rendering yes, during the design of the scene no (but maybe there are some options to hide such things)

hi guys… i’ve made a little video with ARK assets… tell me what you think :slight_smile:

Looking good. My biggest critiques for you would be your camera movements.

There seems to be some inconsistent speeds which makes the camera feel jarring. Sometimes it just moves too fast.

The brute camp camera feels very floaty. And part of that has to do with the speed at which you are moving your camera as well.

Ease-in and Ease-outs at the start and end of camera movements are your friend. Learn your different tangents and find what works for your shot.

I know I’ve been hammering a lot on camera, but it is what holds your whole scene together, and what I saw isn’t bad. Just needs a bit more practice and polishing it up.

thanks for the advices! i’m a beginner and i’ve learned with youtube’s tutorial and trying. I don’t know how to use properly cameras but i will improve on that side too :slight_smile:

this the reaction i wanted to achieve with that video ahaha :slight_smile:

hi! do someoe knows why sequencer doesn’t load textures from time to time? like at 1:00 here:

Nice work !!!
But can ark assets from ark dev kit be used in our projects???

i only used them for a couple videos… i’m not making a game with them! thanks :slight_smile:
if you want to see more you can go on my youtube channel

Lol this was a fun watch. Brings back tomb raider memories for some reason…