My Wishlist for UE5

Here are a few suggestions I would like to see in UE5:

  • New Launcher that is integrated with qBridge
  • Documentation that is on par with QT’s
  • Code clean up… Remove old classes / systems (i.e. Cascade)
  • Refactor existing systems for more performance
  • Remove 2d completely (give that to Unity)
  • A more customizable interface, (see Houdini)
    – Love their middle mouse button value selector!
  • Text-based scripting language
    – Saw that SkookumScript worked with 4.24, thought that was dead??
  • Bring SQLite database support as a first-class documented citizen
    – We’ve got data tables, but…
  • Improved open world tools
  • Updated Shooter Game (and other demos) with best practices for UE5

Thanks for a great engine!


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Fairly certain its just one or two community members getting skookum running on latest on github. Hopefully they have new scripting announcement for ue 5 soon.

I think SQLite was a community submission… not sure tho.
And about “remove 2D”… Lot’s of people use Unreal to develop 2D games, not majority of userbase, but there are games out there that need it; they rather use blueprints instead of Unity’s C#.

I personally want official c# support. This would bring many people to unreal engine.

For me just 2 things:

  • make it modular, so i can turn off modules that i do not use. Some small mobile game does not need all those fancy VR rendering etc systems.
  • make development “double step”, one major version for adding new things, next one major version (give them engine devs 3 months) only fixing bugs, polishing existing systems. This will give some “breathing room” for all marketplace creators (maintaining all assets, updating them, while they sell almost nothing) , and indies that are always tempted by new cool things

oh and this:

Yes some scripting that is text based and has same functions as most of blueprints nodes (same names and same parameters, so code can be ported easily without much thinking). Maintaining 20 screens of code in blueprint is only comparable to coding in java script hell.

Totally agree. +1

Making it easy for modding would be a great feature as well!

But if Python is more popular and easier than C#, wouldn’t Python bring more people to unreal?

C# in UE4 won’t ever be componentized Unity C# though.
So will it be enough to persuade the Unity Crowd etc? Idk…

Python is too slow seemingly (discussed in other threads). Overall, I just hope its something dependable, whatever UE5 scripting looks like. A fully integrated environment like UDK had before… A real replacement to C++ for game devs who want to focus on MAKING GAMES (being application developers), not having to become platform coders just to expose code to BP.

Overall C++ is great for creating engines, but its hardly the right language to get us to the metaverse. In general, I’d prefer something more futuristic in outlook, so its actually designed for game dev specifically. But hey, Blueprints are still too limited anyway. So lets hope they get first-class status this time around too.

+1… Especially more tools to help with large-worlds and precision. I’d like to see planets come out of the Lumen / Nanite / Megascans realism. But it feels like we’re just talking to ourselves here. Does anyone from Epic actually read the forums outside of release / preview bug threads?

It’d be great if UE5 re-engaged the whole UE community, because essentially the forums aren’t worth following anymore… Disinterest / indifference from Epic maybe… But either way, there’s no charismatic or active community managers or Epic leaders posting on here anymore… Whenever a community manager does post (outside of preview / release threads), its usually just to redirect users to the bug submission form. Honestly, a bot could do that! BTW @teak421 there is another larger UE5 wishlist thread in case you want to cross post, just in case someone from Epic is following. :wink:

native c# support, if must have some other language then it should have its heart in a c# like syntax, like java, beeflang … none of this ‘popular’ junk like pyrot

C# language is less than 10% of everything that comes with embedding C#.

So when you say “native c# support” I feel very lost on what you really meant. If you mean just the language, Epic could refactor Unreal Script to read like C#, no need to add NetFramework to Unreal then.

NetCore or Mono, the stuff that runs C# dlls, they are HUGE libraries. And everybody will make cheat mods for your game btw, because it’s really easy to crack and patch C# DLLs.

IMHO C# script language would be a good move for Unreal to persuade Unity users, which means, more users. And more users means a bigger community with more activity in the forums, more ppl producing and consuming assets in the store, etc…

The issue you mention with managed DLLs is optional in Unity, since you can compile with IL2CPP (Intermediate Language To C++). As you surely know, the Unity engine is also written in C++, and the .net side is just the scripting side. We have a kind of C++(without multiple inheritance grrrr) + blueprints in Unreal, and full native C# in Unity.

That’s a whishfull thinking that I do not share. As soon they realize they have to learn not only an entire new API but also the “unreal way” of doing things, most of them will quickly return to what they know best.

Do I like C++? Yes.
Do I like scripting in C++? Not really.
Would I prefer something else more focused on game logic? Hell yeah.

Visual Studio should only be required for people working on the engine or plugins.
That’s why I totally agree with @EntrpriseCustomr:

I meant as in natively supported by Epic… not some third party trying to do it on there own.

As for netcore/mono…indeed much better libraries and support, even shock horror decompiling and cheats is easier or more importantly mods… you think minecraft made on java would be where it is now if it was built on unreal with c++ and so much harder for anyone to decompile and improve it… the modding support is what propelled it with better servers/client mods etc. When I look at most unreal games the modding support is just awful also requires more time on the developer side to provide support for it, blueprints ain’t fun just unsightly and difficult to work with. Also supported games are all c# unity based.

Okay, I get it.
Then why Minecraft have been rebuilt on C++, and then later this year launched a new title developed on Unreal with C++ and Blueprints??

Why would they do that if c++ is aweful?!