My whole scene seems to be flat

straight to point, cant move camera in character bp, whole scene seems flat for some reason, literally the sky sphere icon in scene is flat like a pancake etc…

any help appreciated any info you want just reply ty.

bit more info into it here… the character outline is blue in game for some reason, ive essentially attached a camera to the head socket and for some reason can no longer move anything inside of the character viewport im wondering if im in some kind of view that I don’t know about which wont allow me to change anything? any advice on where to begin looking would be awesome, I followed a guy on youtube who made a very good tutorial series on creating a third person shooter, I just wanted to transform it into a first person game in the hopes of being able to create something my kids can play together. cheers

Would you mind posting an image of your character blueprints as well as a picture of where you placed the camera in the blueprint?
Did you ensure to script the camera to be able to move or did you simply have the Blueprint show your view through the camera?

in all honesty I don’t really know, I am a total nuub to unreal only been using it a week or so, I followed a tutorial series on youtube to create a first person shooter inside a game but instead use a third person character and attaching the camera to the head socket but the way the guy had made it was terrible so I found another series and it was absolutely perfect for what I wanted, everything was functioning perfect and I saved and closed the programme and then when I opnned up unreal the next day to get started this had happened.

here is a few pics including explenations of what I see but when it comes to blue prints I really know very little atm only what I have managed to remember from the hours and hours of tutorials ive been watching and copying. thank you for the reply.

You could try to reinstall ue4 or delete the Derived Data Cache. Here : C:\Users

is that what you think could be the issue? will I loose all my maps if I reinstall?

tried reinstall with no luck ty

I searched for your Problem with the flat icons. Can you try the solution from the link with setting the Near Clip to 10 in the Project Settings ?
Link to Answer hub

thank you for the reply, I couldn’t seem to fix this corrupted file and I have put the time in remaking it to perfection which I did, and whoopdy doo I save the project, everything is working perfect then I open it again and the exact same thing has happened only a little different, in the character blueprint I cant see anything at all in the viewport same with the blueprint for the weapon blueprint. this is ridiculous and I have no idea what to do to fix it I have put some serious time into these projects perfecting the character movement and I really need some proper help to fix this issue, can anyone point me in the right direction? thank you

ive built the project and successfully packaged it with zero issues, I really cant get my head around it because its perfect before I close the project so what changes between me closing and reopening the project?