My whining .

So how come some of you make addons in c++ and stuff, from where do you get the knowledge ? I don’t there is enough of it in the documents and this engine is kinda new so how did you learn it so fast ? . maybe it is because some of you are experienced programmers and able to figure it all out just by reading the source code that comes with it ? or 150+ IQ perhaps ? XD ( I’m a hobbyist, did some javascript, c# and python, learned some c++ but didnt use it yet… )
It makes me feel like i’m not good enough for this **** :frowning: .

Get used to it! It is for serious developers who’s doing this because that’s their work .Everything is done on C++ ,so having knowledge in C++ you could do everything.About IQ it is very funny to hear ,**** ,i’m tired of topics like this .One more time, it is very very strong engine ,for serious people ,others ,called “indies” ( :slight_smile: ) where given this engine to have fun and of course to be able to try to do something ,they should think about whether it fits them or not ,I mean game dev’s staff. 95 % people who are here just indies :slight_smile: ,and that’s OK. Nothing personal only business …

P.s My subscribtion will expire after 2 days ,and I won’t resubscribe again ,EPIC still can’t do simple animation work in MP ,It was bugged in UDK where "node player 1 or player 2 didn’t work " here in UE4 we have the same situation .Stupid replica of simple animation doesn’t work in MultiPLayer.I’m tired of this s**t.


By the way,UE4 has its beta for some people for a long time.So some people here were beta testers.

So you say it’s an engine for serious developers and that it’s a very strong engine for serious people, then you complain that functionality doesn’t work properly so you’re just dumping the subscription without offering to work with the developers through the problem? The whole point of having the source code available is so people who have the knowledge can look into the problem and help the developers, and if they don’t know enough about the problem they can still seek advice and get actual explanations that involve code rather than “we’re looking into it internally”. I’m pretty sure “serious developers” and “serious people” wouldn’t just give up on something because they’ve encountered one problem.

On topic: Sahkan, most of the people who have fully written plugins and coded projects at this point have probably been through the Beta stage and have had access to the engine as it was being developed, so they’ve worked closely with the developers to learn most of what they’ve needed to know.

But also, if you know enough core C++ to be able to understand general code, looking through the source-code for the existing plugins will definitely give you an idea on how it works and the process you’ll need to follow when writing your own.

Written explanations and APIs are only half of the documentation, the other half is the code and it helps to be able to follow a function call back to its declaration to figure out exactly what it’s doing. Once you master that, the code will document itself.

I wanna be an expert and know everything without trying too hard, ahhh any ideas ? :stuck_out_tongue:

:stuck_out_tongue: Read the documentation,read/watch tutorials and of course try out some stuff by your own.

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Sarcasm aside, the definition of an expert is someone who has a lot of experience doing something. The only way to get that experience is to practice and work.

There really isn’t a simple solution apart from looking into what others have done, asking others for advice and reading as much documentation and code as you can.

People can tell you what an apple tastes like, but you’ll never truly know what an apple tastes like until you try it yourself.

Did you make a post on Answer Hub with more details? We’d love to work on issues that are causing frustration, but I’m not quite sure what you mean.

Hi Korben,

Just yesterday, a 6 part Networking tutorial series was released which shows how to replicate pretty much anything, and the animations were working fine, in sync, on both the client and server. Give it a watch – the answers you seek may very well be found within.

Good luck,

Perhaps you should start building something and if you get stuck just ask around here.

If Epic had used javascript instead then the C++ guys would be going “But Why?”.

Simple answer it is what it is.