My water disappear

i’m going to make transperent water shader

i duplicaed and changed some parameters of M_Water_Lake of starter pack.

changed opaque to translucent

connected refraction and normal

it looks not bad.

but watch video please. that is so weird.

[->youtube video LINK][2]

water disappear when i change camera angle.

there are no node about camera in my shader.

how can i fix this??

i’m newbie fo UE4 help please. thank you!

Hello hmnyari,

The reason this is occuring is due to your refraction. I suggest taking a look at the ‘Water Planes’ example content we have in the ‘Learn’ tab of the Epic Launcher. It provides three separate examples of water surface materials and how to account for things like refraction and opacity.

I have also written a tutorial for a water shader which takes you step by step so you can to set up the material on your own. If you end up getting lost or stuck the material is provided in a zipped folder at the end of the tutorial. You just need to connect the node inputs.

Water Shader Tutorial

Let me know if you have further questions or need additional assistance.


thank you so much!

it look so nice tutorial :slight_smile: