My Vive game is ready

My game for HTC Vive is on beta-testing now and i’m going to publish it on Steam in about 18-21 july. It’s my first VR game, first UE project and first video game at all.

I’d like to say i’m excited but i’m not in fact :slight_smile: Looking back i see a tonns of things i’d make another way now At the other hand, i know the game is much more solid then my initial concept. Funny feelings actually.

For VR devs:
C++/blueprints ~ 75%/25%
no tick functions in my classes/blueprints
2k textures
minimized skeletal meshes amount
–but-- i use some heavy post-processing effects like light shaft bloom and dynamic shadows in some areas when it’s possible.

From the video you linked, lovely music, and looking polished! One thing I would note is that that sound of firing may get old, very quickly :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re not the first with it :slight_smile: I take it into account.