My Vehicle's wheels are at the base bone instead of the assigned bones?

I have been following [this tutorial][1]
in order to make a vehicle for a game.

However, when testing the game, the wheels fell through the floor and the base stopped the fall. Looking at the collision with commands, I found that the wheels were at the base bone of the vehicle instead of the bones they were assigned to!

I have re-imported and remade the assets several times, but the wheels will never leave from the vehicle! What is going wrong?

Update: I found that if I exported the default car as an FBX and apply it’s armature to the car, it works fine. So it’s a Blender issue, but what? Even if the names are the same and I set the skeleton to be the working skeleton, it still won’t work if it isn’t the sedan’s bones.

Did you ever happen to get this figured out? I was following the exact same tutorial and have the exact same issue.

Same issue, use offset, but now the whell dont even collide, but there are here !

Perhaps it would be useful to someone.

In Blender you should set Unit System to Metric and Unit Scale to 0.01.
After that, if you already have model open or created in another scale, most probably you should upscale it to factor 100. (A → S → 100).

Before import you need to apply transforms (A(to select all) → Ctrl + A → All transforms).

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