My Vehicle pulls to the left

Does anyone know why or how i can adjust alignment? i have tried steering curve and anything else i can see that has the word steering on it but no luck, any help would be highly appreciated,

If it pulls to the left as soon as you start driving, it is most likely one (or more) of the wheels are slightly rotated in your actual mesh, but you may be able to fix it by changing the wheel offsets in the “Vehicle Setup” tab of the vehicle defaults (just below steering angle):

You can try adjusting the “Individual offset” for certain tires there, however the best way would be to fix the mesh in your 3d content creator tool (will be either the wheels, or wheel bones if you used them, are rotated slightly, causing problem, or possibly the entire car) as will most likely cause you headaches later on if you have to constantly adjust values as you go.

That’s the thing, i always use snap rotations in 3ds max, and always usually 90degrees… so i don’t understand how that could be the problem, but i will double check thanks for the reply.

I made some slight off adjustments in position only in 3ds max and still have the problem only its slightly reduced now. I’ll make do for now, While i have you here i may as well ask, do you know if there is a steering option to not have your wheels reset when releasing either A or D, for Eg. they take themselves back to being straight after you release, would be nice to make it so that does not happen, like the vehicles in Arma if you’ve ever played it.

Is the root bone(meaning, the pivot of the body) set to 0,0,0 and center of the body of the car in 3ds max?

On steering; go to your vehicle BP > Defaults tab > Vehicle Input > Steering Input Rate. Set it to a lower late for slower steering.

I haven’t played Arma, but will make it so the wheels keeps their positions.

It’s a timeline with a float track that starts at -1 and goes to 1, it lasts 2 seconds. When you press D it plays the timeline and increases the steering value making the wheels turn right, and when you press A it reverses the timeline decreasing the steering value. When you release any of the buttons the timeline is stopped. The “Set Playback Position” is just to make it so the timeline starts in the middle of the float track at a value of 0. If you didn’t do that, the first time you pressed D or A the value would be -1.

The steering variable is used instead of the Axis Value of left/right input in the “Set Steering Input” node.

THX Guys still after 7 years!!!, is useful to me. Thank You guys.

For anyone that seems to run into this issue, a fix for me personally was overriding the center of mass, mine must not have been perfect but searched around for a good while with no luck and just decided to try this and it worked. Hope it helps :smiley: