My vault of projects.

Hi all!

I’m a recent Junior Technical Artist. I love videogames from I was a child and my main goal is to get better and find a job as Technical Artist in a game studio. I created this post for uploading and sharing all my exercises and practices.

For this exercise, I wanted to practice Post Process, more specifically Color Grading. My goals were to get a similar result with this picture. It’s from a scene of the movie The Hobbit in Rivendell:


However, I made some more tests. Here a video link:

Level Design and meshes by Unreal Engine 4.

I hope you like it!


Fantastic work!

Thank you for your opinion!

Blueprint Communication

In this project, I wanted to simulate the burning of a piece of clothes.

If the alarm detects smoke, the extinguishing media will be activated, each one with its particularities:

  • The ignition point never begins in the same place.
  • In this case, the Co2 will be able to extinguish the fire faster than water. In addition, the clothes will be wet by the water and will change its appearance.

Level Design and meshes by Unreal Engine 4.

I hope you like it!


Water Fountain

For this exercise, I wanted to work different features of the Engine and combine them somehow, like Blueprint, Shaders, and VFX.

I started to research in my youtube favourite videos and I found my reference:

After some days working in this exercise, I got make this.

Level design and the most of meshes by Unreal Engine 4.

I hope you like it!


Ultrasonography 3d

From I was a child, I always have some difficulties to recognize any shape when I watch an ultrasonography. Two weeks ago I thought how I could get a solution to this. Well, this was the result.

I hope you like it!

Pretty neat! :slight_smile:

Hi all!

Last week my family gave me Until Dawn and I fell in love of its camera tracking system. This week I have been working a similar system. At the end, I made two Blueprints. One of them is static and control the rotation of the camera, the another one set the camera to follow a specific path when the character is moving. I will show you two videos with the system working.

I really would appreciate an assessment of this work. I hope you like it!


Wow camtrack is cool, but your other stuff too.
That burning video is so great.

Thanks for sharing your opinion, Luftbauch. I really appreciate it.

The Cam tracking is pretty fantastic! It definitely has the Until Dawn feel to it. I may have to look into that for myself

Jumping Jets

Thanks all of you for your opinion. Here I leave a video where I was working again with splines.

The path of the jets can be custom by editing the spline. Just place the spline in the desired way.

I hope you like it!

Great work!! Really like the Fire and the Cam track.


So much time without posting anything. I want to upload a small scene I was working with for two weeks in my free time. At the beginning I was only going to model, but at the end I decided to add some effects to the scene.

I hope you like it! :slight_smile: