My uproject file does not update when I save

Hi, as title says, when i save my file on my PC and open it again, my changes are there but in the folder where i saved it on my pc, it says that the last updated save was a month ago.

The real problem comes here… when i copy my file to a pendrive and open it on my school pc, the file is the one with the changes of the last month.

Both PCs has the same UE4 versions (.12.5).

I hope you can help me, thanks! PD: sorry for my english.

Hello KatgaRoo,

Unless changes are actually made that would affect the .uproject file, it’s expected that it isn’t being saved as it hasn’t been modified. If you open the .uproject file in a text editor, you can see that the .uproject file actually doesn’t hold much information. Any changes you make in the editor aside from enabling/disabling plugins and changing engine versions are going to be made in the other folders such as Content and Config.

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Is there a way to manually save the .uproject file from an open project? My files were all deleted in some version control mishap and I was able to reopen and resave every asset in my project, but not the project file itself, and I’m scared if I close UE or if it crashes (which is likely given it has already happened ~5 times today) I will lose a lot of work.

Quick update: tried to make a new level and save it and UE crashed. Can’t open the project, but still have all my Content and Config folders. Any ideas?

Was able to solve it by copying the .uproject file from a different project and changing the project name inside of it, I assume it only works because both are simple enough that not enough was changed from the default.