My Unreal takes so long to auto-save or save

I have taken them apart every which way possible.
There’s just no way that you can get AAA quality performance when using the landscape system.

And it’s not for lack of trying, but by design.

I honestly don’t quite understand how Brucks & Co spend all that time working on what has basically dead technology for at least 6, maybe 8 years. (Except maybe providing backwards compatibility to stuff like world machine)

Octree mesh placement based on a flat file of vericis would basically offer 10 times the speed at an overall cost reduction on almost all fronts.
But there’s better ways to that too - procedural driven.
@MaximeDupart has some great a t stuff going with infinite procedural stuff to name one.

That said, 8k ^2 is a lot of vertex points to keep track of regardless of how you look at it, isn’t it? (That’s the largest landscape size you can cook up, a wopping 2GB saved).

Best way to use the landscape system, is firstly being a maso chist, and secondly baking it down to a mesh.
Useing only meshes.

And now of course Houdini is a great alternative to creation too - at least going by their videos. They even have a world composition implementation thing going…


oh no no, that was my bad, it was originally in D drive haha, it is still in D drive right now, maybe I’ll do that