My Unreal takes so long to auto-save or save

Hey guys,

I don’t know what is wrong with my Unreal, I got a good specs laptop to support the weight of the software, but for some reason, every time it saves it takes probably at least 15 minutes, even there are few modifications. Here are the specs for my laptop. Does anyone know what the issues might be?

Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-10750H CPU @ 2.60GHz 2.59 GHz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB (15.8 GB usable)
Device ID EECBE799-3ABA-4E01-A4E4-3AF0E59A5524
Product ID 00325-82016-60555-AAOEM
System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor
Pen and touch Pen support
Edition Windows 10 Home
Version 20H2
Installed on ‎2021-‎03-‎23
OS build 19042.1165
Experience Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.3530.0

Most relevant hardware spec for saving is the hard drive latency. Mechanical hdds do a lot worse because of the random access of many small fragmented pieces. Either way, even for big projects saving shouldn’t take more than a few seconds with some exceptions like after imports etc. I suggest creating a new project to test if there is something wrong with your project.

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There’s more likely to be something wrong with the unreal install.

Verify the engine files.

Also, schedule a chkdsk /f because the drive must be experiencing some sort of bad sector error to take 15minute.
Unless you are overly exaggerating because 15 seconds feel like 15 minutes when waiting on something that should take .05 seconds.

I wish I was tbh, but I use unreal for my school work and every time it saves i have to do other stuffs instead of waiting because it takes too much time.

I have an old pc the specs are:
Intel core 2 duo e4500 @2.20ghz
1tb HDD @5400tpm
4gb ram
GT 610 2gb DDR3
And when I use unreal engine it loads slowly but it saves within 2 to 20 seconds and I have a worse pc than yours so I recommend you to try updating your graphics driver and do windows update and use the latest version of windows it might help
I too had this problem when I had windows 7 and upgraded to windows 10 recently and it is kinda faster when saving

@NorahTran can u tell what graphics you use, intel or nvidia graphics

BTW it might take time to save because if you might have lot of materials and stuff like that in your unreal engine project it will take time to load and I would suggest you to open task manager and see if u have a HDD or an SSD
And don’t store unreal engine in Cdrive cause if u store ue4 in ur c drive it will be slow as your OS is in Cdrive and your system has to load many things and will pressure your C drive
TBH I m not that professional in ue4 but I m good in hardware and stuff so reply it fast

I use nvididia, yeah that might be the case, I store the project in C drive haha

Yeahh that’s the problem
What version of unreal engine u use??
I would help you how to move unreal engine editor and project to another drive

Not sure how anyone can really track down the problem or advise properly without knowing a whole lot more… Such as WHERE exactly the SAVE is slow [which umap(s) / uasset(s)]. How LARGE the project is… What kinds of projects you’re working on, and so on…

As some of the advice above is very general. If you have more than one drive (built-in not external) and move apps there, that MAY maximize speed vs OS on C. Emphasis on MAY, as its filled with assumptions. Its not necessarily true, it’d have to be evaluated / tested.

The reason for that is both DDC as well as the Launcher Vault may both be HUGE and both still on C. Overall, if no other apps are running and you disable 3rd-Party + OS bloat, moving the engine may only have a negligible impact overall (and may also break things).

If you have a fast dual drive setup, it might make sense to leave the engine on C, but move the project to D instead. But this would still have to be tested. There’s other possible factors too, the formatted drive allocation size could be wrong. So lots to check.

Overriding info you haven’t mentioned so far… How large are the umaps on average? Is your project heavy on Landscapes? Which version of the engine are you using? This is all vital info you’ve left out… :stuck_out_tongue: BTW: Turn off auto-save for now at least as its evil anyway. Why? If you ever run low on drive space it will crash the engine without any warnings… :wink:

**EDIT: **
You just posted that the project is on external drive. Well, that’s explains everything! :grinning:

I use the 4.26.2 version, ah i just realized that i put the project in D drive, an external one

Steps to move unreal engine editor to different drive: file explorer
2.Locate unreal engine editor(the program not the project)
3.create another folder in different drive called unreal engine (or anything, it is not necessary)
4.move unreal engine editor to the new folder you created


Just kidding now starts the time consuming problem
1.Now open epic games and go to unreal engine
2. It will be grayed out and says you should install(it is normal, it says u to install unreal engine ) click install and change the location of it to the new folder you created unreal engine will say directory should be empty
5. Now change your old unreal engine name to the same name but with the letter ‘x’ at the end click install in the new folder you created and it won’t say any error let it install for like 1% then pause it and close it
8.then delete the non ‘x’ unreal engine and rename the x one to unreal engine
9.then click resume in epic games and then it will say verfiy

Those are good ideas, I don’t think my project is that heavy on landscape cause, it’s all grass and mountains, I do have quite a few tiny props and such. I’m not really sure how to check cause I’m fairly new at this lol, but the project in general is nearly 50 gb.

Where are you working the most right now? If you’re making lots of umap / level based changes and the level is huge and saving to external drive, its no surprise its taking 15 minutes. Easy fix while you figure this out, is turn off autosave (so you stay in control).

What is the average size of umap(s) you’re working on? You can hover mouse over assets in content browser to find out. But if isn’t clear from the Editor, you can right-click on an asset and choose the option to view files from Explorer and observe the file sizes there. :wink:

It’s generally not true.

The only way you’d see a difference is if your main harddrive is sata and your project is on an m.2 running in pcnve x4.
Or a thunderbolt or something similar with much more bandwidth than sata.

As far as the OS running side by side.
Usually the OS inst writing things to disk constantly. Usually. Reading, Maybe.

And in regards to the external drive thing.
Don’t you have a USB3 or usbC port to use for better bandwidth?
See this post it might be helpful

Or just delete assests you don’t want

i just checked and the main umap itself is 104,873 kb, and there are a couple of umaps within the project but I don’t really do anything with them, but one of them is 173,053kb and the other is 1,607kb.

They seem fine. They’re not small, more like medium maybe. But at least they’re not approaching a Gig or something like that. Overall Its slower to save umap(s) with Landscapes imo. The size of the landscapes is more a factor than the material complexity. But the problem as hinted before is most likely down to using an external drive. So what type is it? You thought this project was on C before. So, can you move it back and re-test?

PNG16 isn’t a a light file format to begin with.
But why would it save again if no changes are made at all? / is it actually doing that every time you “save all” ?

Unless something has changed dramatically in recent versions or UE5-EA, its been my understanding that the entire umap gets re-saved every time anyway. You can see how this could be a real time lag and quickly add up in this response from Epic below, where they confirm there’s no optimization even for identical / cloned landscapes which is not cool:

After mulling this over for a while and realizing that adding 10,000’s of meshes didn’t really affect file size or loading time or even rendering as much as landscapes (this is even before automatic instancing - WTF?!) - I made the call to abandon UE landscapes altogether. Never looked back tbh. A lot comes down to chosen game genre ofc. But watching MostHost repeatedly assassinate UE Landscapes on here has been more than a bit entertaining. :stuck_out_tongue:

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