My unreal 4 is crashing when import fbx

Hello my name is Andre and im trying to build a sand box for a car application,but when i try to import the roads props,my unreal 4 crashes and i cant import any thing at all.i try in all of them but they all crash.

Also try to import without texture still crashes.

Hi dreue,

A couple of quick questions so that I can better understand your issue.

How large is the file that you are attempting to import?

How many polys/tris are on your objects?

Are you attempting to mass import? (Import all of your pieces together at once)


thanks,no im importing piece by piece.

Also the objects are not that big,since poly count max is 400 poly count in maya.

The size of each file are no bigger than 25 kb fbx file.

I try both with and without textures.

do you think is something with my pc since he is quite full?

I just dont know but is crashing unreal all of the versions…

If it is a small couple of assets and you don’t mind sharing them, you can share the .fbx files with me here on the AnswerHub, and I can test them on my end.

Also, could you provide me with your dxdiag since you think it could be associated with your PC?

yep no problem.
it is an fbx file but i cant upload it via attachment,it says the file type is not valid.and the text message from unreal i cant also upload here.

I can send via email if you want.?

That is what im trying to bring to unreal.

All you need to do is zip up some of your .fbx files into a folder and you will be able to post it here on the Hub.

hey im sorry but i did a rar file with the fbx in it and it still dont let me upload.

hummm dont know what to do but i cant send any thing as rar,fbx or even a rar folder…

Do this for me. Create a new folder on your desktop. Name it FBXtest. Take the .fbx files you would like me to test and copy them into this folder. Right-click the folder and choose the “Send to - Compressed (zipped) Folder” option.

Then take that folder and upload it here using the attachment option. If you are still unable to upload, then you can private message me on the Forums and send the files to me that way.

link text

sorry it took so long but i was without internet yesterday night.

Hello dreue,

So I opened each .fbx file in 3ds Max and noticed a couple of things that attribute to the crashing. After making some adjustments, I was able to successfully import all of your meshes, except for one. This mesh must be what is giving you an issue because all of the other pieces managed to import fine aside from the one shown in the image.

Firstly, all of your meshes are really small and need to be scaled up significantly. If you are working in Max or Maya the units of conversion are centimeters, and you road pieces were not even as large as the grid. Small meshes like these can sometimes cause issues when importing.

Secondly, you needed to center your meshes in world space so when you import them, they are not super offset from the point of origin. And finally, which this is usually an extra step but is suggested prior to export. You should try and subdivide your meshes so the engine does not triangulate them itself. Sometimes it will triangulate your meshes in ways you do not want which can give undesirable effects.

I was able to import all of your meshes at the same time in 4.5.1 without hitch, but in 4.6, I was able to import them all fine individually aside from the one right curving mesh.

Off Grid Mesh

Aligned Grid Mesh

Bad Mesh

This should get you on the right track.

Thank you,

ok thanks a lot,it seams that this will fix the problems=) i think this can be closed than since i understand perfectly what is the problems=)

By the way should i triangulat the meshes in maya or just add more divisions,and then unreal will triangulate the mesh??

Again thanks a lot for your time

Best Regards

Andre Cabral

Hey again dreue,

The suggestion on the documentation says it is usually best to triangulate your mesh before importing it into the engine. This helps to reduce import times if you are importing a lot of meshes at once since engine does not need to calculate and triangulate the mesh.

I was able to triangulate your meshes in 3ds Max using the subdivide modifier. I am not sure of the equivalent modifier in Maya, but I am certain it cannot be too different.