My UMG-based UI design/system - opinions?

Hey there,

just thought I’d share my current progress on the UMG-based UI system for the game that I’m working on. Video is at the bottom of this post. Played around with a lot of fancy mockups first…then decided they’re all pretty distracting for the player. I think a UI should assist the player and provide all the information (s)he needs - and then get out of the way…not distracting them. Not sure if my current design is a good approach for that - even though I’m trying to make it a) minimalistic, b) elegant and c) as easy for the eyes as possible (yeah…my English is kinda bad :stuck_out_tongue: )

The game is a sci-fi themed one - kinda based on Star Wars Galaxies (well…of course not that big…not even close…), because in my opinion that game (before the combat upgrade) did a lot of things right. Especially the UI was well-designed in my opinion, but also a lot of the gameplay elements were good. At this point I needed a custom UI anyway - for player creation…don’t want to create the UI for that and later on completely redo it. So at this point I want to settle for a final UI system/design, even though the game is in the earliest stages.

Also…I’m not sure if the way I do it by pretty much encapsulating the default controls, adding images to them (often through overlays etc.) and exposing the properties that I need, is a good one. Been working on it for 2 days…but the majority of controls have yet to be “user widgetized” :smiley: Opinions, thoughts, comments, advice etc. are appreciated :slight_smile:

Btw. I’m not sure if I should implement my custom widgets in C++ later on, or if it’s safe to keep 'em in their current (UMG BP) form…because of performance. As I say in the video below: no matter what happens with the game - I primarily look at it as a learning experience. Loving UE4 - it’s a lot of fun to work with it - EPIC job! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the low mic volume btw. - didn’t notice that until after the video was uploaded…also apologies for me saying “ah”, “ahm” and “erm” all the time…that’s just me trying to find the right English terms and stuff :wink: