my UE4editor.exe got corrupted can anyone send me their UE4editor.exe please? (ue4.21) (390kb)

can someone send me their UE4editor.exe please? (ue4.21) (its only 390kb)

nothing else is corrupted its just this one

You can select at the launcher to verify installation and it would be fixed. This might prevent you on finding out later that it was not the only piece corrupted.

thanks for responding but i had previously tried that and the launcher verified it and i was still having the problem
the EXE has no icon and just says Acces Denied
so i think the exe is corrupted but the launcher thinks is not
and i’m still hoping for someone to upload it :slight_smile:

Grab it on this link:…ew?usp=sharing

I would try disable antivirus and see if problem persists btw.


(i could just delete the .exe and then tell the launcher to verify… D: )

your awesome!