My UE4 editor experience major hitching problems when just coding in editor or even testing the game

The hitching is not only effecting fps but as been effecting my game tick as well. Currently in my project I’m having a hard time making the game with the game tick messed up and it has been a very frustrating issue
The hitches are in regular intervals roughly 3 seconds
The hitches spike game tick and fps when using the stats viewer. Additionally the game will freeze momentarily and with game tick being messed up it will interfere with my AI. Please help. Here’s what I’ve tried

Changing framerates smoothing
Reinstalling engine
Downloading new graphics and cpu drivers
And also tried diffrent projects

Any theories? Thanks again for helping

I have the same problem only in 4.25 and still no solution. editor freezes every 2 seconds for half a second or so. very annoying to work with even when not coding something.

Same Problem here,Re installed unreal,but have the same problem on 4.24 and 4.25

this solved issue for me

"I found what was causing the issue but not why. If you don’t use UDP connections you can disable them in the project settings like I did here. Turns out it’s a rare issue with 4.24. It’s not a solution but that’s what I’ll settle on until I figure out what it is or if it’s on their end and they fix it with 4.25.

It could be something related to the Android SDK as I remember downloading it once and removing months ago, then later I switched to 4.24. I wasn’t even using the SDK anyway."

This is a solution, but certainly not the solution sadly. This problem seems to be caused by a handful of things, depending on a person’s project. The short answer is that this is one of many common issues in UE4 that they are too lazy to fix because they know people will keep using it regardless, which is sadly true. Would be nice for them to care one day.