My UDK project was dependent on DLL bind. I'm porting so now I....?

Can somebody post or link to a snippet showing how to assimilate a .dll? Specifically, I’m using the .dll from sixense So basically, I’m calling functions in the .dll to get the positions and rotations of motion trackers and pressed/unpressed of the buttons.

In my signature you will find a link to the tutorial i put together regarding linking a static library, and I am working on one that is for DLLs. As we are now working in the context of MSVS you are much more free to leverage standard techniques and practices to import your code than ever before. DLLs can be imported with calls to LoadLibrary, and you procedures with a lookup routine called GetProcAddress.

For more detailed information you will likely need to wait for my formal Tutorial available some time this coming week.

Since you have the full source code for UE4, you can just link everything as you would when creating your DLL.

I’m not the .dll creator, it was provided by Sixense

Snake is referring to the fact that your game module is compiled out to a DLL and that is loaded into the engine. You do not have to author a new DLL.

I’ve integrated their library before and you just include their headers and use their lib to link.

OK, thanks for the help guys. I think I understand it now.

I downloaded the SDK from their site. It has lib files, a 64-bit of the dll, and it even has a header file for the dll. I think I am actually making progress.

If you have the DLL/.h you should consider turning it into a plugin so you can drag and drop it into any project.

It would also be nice to share the plugin with others.

Take a look at the plugin system.

I would be really interested in a plugin for this too so that I can get my Razer Hydra working, I’m not sure my knowledge is up to scratch to make one myself unfortunately.

One hydra plugin coming right up:

Legend! I’m going to have a play with this right away :smiley: