my #TwinmotionChallenge project ... "my ShowGun GATE"...

Hi ladies and guys, Dear friends,

I finally decided to compete in this challenge in order to train myself on the tool that I started using a short time ago. This scene is :

  • made of 25.4 Million polygons,
  • including ~900 elements,
  • for a total of 3.9 GB of textures !

My machine will undoubtedly remember it ! :wink:

I really hope you’ll love watching it as I loved working on it !

So, ZAT’S my #TwinmotionChallenge submission, scene, a video produced, conforming to the element I did read on the website page announcing the CHALLENGE !!!

The title of this scene is : :sparkles:

My ShowGun GATE…

(a path to enter in ^AMZ Virtual World for a B3D I’m working on…)

I, as some probably know, started my journey a few days ago in fact, and, indeed, to concentrate on the functionalities offered by this fabulous software, software package, in order to start using TwinMotion to put highlights, in a more productive way, on my creations and adaptations of products or product packs from various platforms, which we all know, providing objects, characters, environments… 3D stuff.

So, I would like to thank you, in advance, for your diligent understanding or comprehension, and, in saying that, I know that I cannot produce very high resolution videos due to my hardware which cannot match your ultra heavy wight Champ configurations, because I work with a core i7 with 16 GB of RAM (which caused several crashes, 19 to my knowledge during my work on this project !!! …) with a “small” RTX3050-m, which, you will easily agree, cannot be enough to produce a HQ video equivalent to 4k, let’s be realistic ! Or I’d have needed the all month only for the rendering process !

So I had to make a compromise between realism and a kind of cartoon genre, like a piece of comics, and I think I found, being ZEN, this time, a balance for this…

In fact, I can only thank, for being able to use their content:

  • EPIC Games
  • TwinMotion
  • Megascan, for pebbles, stones, trees, vegetation, and decals
  • Mixamo for ABE character and for animation sets !

and, of course, SketchFab users, artists like:

  • 7PLUS for Koi Fish
  • dimal965 for sakura
  • eskastefani for Rice Plant
  • / floraZia DOT com イネ稲米![:rice_ball: for Rice, Oryza sativa
  • Gabriela_Ojeda for Fishless Aquarium
  • SDC PERFORMANCE™️for The Eiffel Tower
  • Valery.Li for Lotus Flower
  • and undoubtedly still plenty of people from the Sketchfab ecosystem !

I can’t NOT also thank : (while I have commercial licences for those artists, creators contents…)

  • Aurinko Kuu,
  • Stonemason,
  • MartinJFrost,
  • DzFire,
  • Jerry Jang for the “Samourai CyberPunk” outfit and the “The Action Terracotta Warrior” set…

among other content creators, products, like :

  • PerspectX for the NIT houses,
  • Sugatak for the Andon and the Wadaiko,
  • martinjfrost for some plants, like the TERRIFIC Banyan tree !
  • Predatron for the wooden stairs, the barrels, from the Old Country Famrhouse kit …

and all other creators, sure I forget some !!!

and I made the stick for the Kpac robot myself, quickly !

(~900 elements here, not counting the instancing !

I can’t not say great words to all the ingeneers and dev’s working to build such tremendous and more than good software and contents we all enjjoy playing with every day !

Hip hip … for the companies teams !!!

That’s all, folks … ! …

by complying with the rules set out on the page:
[CC BY 4.0 Deed | Attribution 4.0 International | Creative Commons]

with regard to CREDITS and their rules of use carried by the mentions “CC BY 4.0 Deed” for “Attribution 4.0 International”… and beyond, having commercial use licenses for a certain number of products having been integrated into this scene.

I hope that you will appreciate this work, as much as I had lots of enthusiasm and joy in carrying out this test which will have been for me a great pleasure in discovering the tool which is now an integral part of my chain of production, I wouldn’t name TwinMotion!!!

I worked with version 2024.1, in order to be able to import animations that I created either with Mixamo, for certain characters, or with other tools, which you certainly know and master, and much better than me for the brave content creators that you all are, right here!!!

Kind regards, MZERMA Amine aka MZERMART’s.

Copyrigh© 2024 MZERMA Amine MZERMARTS. All rights reserved.

This scene is based on 3D content and materials, all included either being
ruled by CC by 4.0 rules, or commercial licences I have acquired, and is
made available under the **Creative Commons Attribution 4.0
International License (CC BY 4.0 for MZERMA Amine MZERMARTS scene published on 2024-05-17).
To view a copy of this license, visit CC BY 4.0 Deed.
You are free to share, copy, redistribute, remix, transform, and build upon
the material in any medium or format for any purpose, even commercially, under the following terms, available on :


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  • You may not apply legal terms or technological measures that legally restrict others from doing anything the license permits.

Please note that this copyright notice does not cover other rights such as
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Cordially yours, ^AMZ