My turn and running animation seems to be buggy, please help

I think i might have a problem with my direction, or something might be wrong with my calculate direction. Im new to unreal engine and game dev. So any help would be much appreciated.

When I’m facing forward’s like this.

And press and hold “S” to turn around and run, it stays like this for like a second:

Then after that its normal:

The same goes for the other way around when i press “W”

Here is my anim blueprint EventGraph:

Here is my blend space as well dont know if there might be something wrong with it:

Here the thing that everyone forgets to do when they have this problem. Go into your character blueprint. Click on self. Scroll down in the details panel. Under pawn you will see a option that says “Use Controller Rotation Yaw” make sure that is turned on. Then go into your blendspace and make sure both “Interpolation times” are set to 0.