My tiny 3d person character camera goes inside the character

So I am currently designing a level with realy small characters, my character is about 16 tall on Unreal scale

In this example I am using the default mannequin I have scaled it down, so it is now (0.08 0.08 0.08)
and my cameraBoom settings are like below


whenever I try to look up my character gets eaten until it completely disappear


the same happen when I get close to walls but this time the camera get into the walls also… You can try that by yourself in brand new 3rd person template.I have desined my whole level spend week making it for 0.08 sized character I really need your help is there anyway that I can change the whole scales of the map by x12 at once? If it not possible then I will need a solution for the camera, my character physics works fine the only problem I am facing is the camera please give me a solution been trying for weeks now…

The near clip plane is set to 10cm by default in the project settings. The near clipping plane will clip anything too close to the camera, like your tiny character that is cut in half!

Engine > General Settings > Near Clip Plane.

OMG bro thank you!!! That what I was looking for