My thoughts so far.

I’ve been using the DEMO the past days, shooting interiors with a SONY DSLR. Why interiors? Because this is the purpose we need the program for. Shooting Orthodox Church interiors with Faro and camera.
It is clean, fast, straight forward, it combines laser cloud and photos (our FARO shipment is almost done), the result is pleasing and clear.
The alignment of interior photos in RC is a nightmare. I ve done some props where you align the camera all around the object and works ok. Also some exterior. But for interiors I don’t even know what is going on. Here is an example:

This is the alignment results for 68 photos in Photoscan:


nicely done

Then in RC:


That’s a nightmare! I tried all the different settings, added more photos, played with control points. I spent hours in alignment step, with all projects. Why does it break it in so many components? Why does it work in PhotoScan and not in RC?

Hi Thanasis Davlouros
Looking at the image count of 68 images, from my experience it’s a quite low number for an interior… hard to say how many of the images you need in the particular project but 68 images for a small room can’t give enough overlap, especially not when the room has a lot of objects.
Is it possible to make a screenshot of the cameras in the room + one image so that I can see the interior and say a bit more how to solve it ??

I started with 1563 photos but I can’t align them due to this error:
Bug 519: Unexpected program state [ERROR]

I gradualy lowered the number of photos but always getting a lot of components.

Hi Thanasis Davlouros
Ok, so from 1,563 images you used just a very small number :smiley:

I see the images are captured in low light ( looking at the “reddish” colors ) so I hope the images are without too much noise and are sharp ( captured as RAWs and properly developed ).
As for the alignment, use these settings and add images by say count of 100 images, after every alignment make a SAVE, so that you can pinpoint the problematic ones that fail in the alignment… Hard to say what for issue is there, look if some of the images aren’t captured from the same position…