My third person character is falling through my newly created terrain as soon as I press the play button

okay so basically what is happening is i have two characters I downloaded through Mixamo. they are as shown below:

and when I press select on one of the characters it switches to that character.
it then falls through the world before i even press a button and dies as shown below:


I know it has something to do with the collision of either the landscape or the character itself and trust me i’ve looked and I just can’t find anything.

please help if you can. it would be greatly appreciated.

the left is witch and the right is paladin for those who can’t see

Do you have a Player Start in your level? If so, is it positioned completely above the terrain?

yes I have a player start and yes it is high above the terrain

Do both your terrain and characters have their collision setup properly?

honestly i don’t know how to set that up

Make sure that your characters with the Mixamo skeleton, mesh, etc. have a capsule collider as their root component and that, in the details window for the capsule, the collision preset is set to “Pawn.” For your landscape, make sure that the collision preset is set to “BlockAll.”

everything you had just said is setup properly but the thing still happens and again i’ve looked everywhere and for some strange odd reason still can’t find anything on the internet and the biggest problem of all is i just learned about terrain not two days ago!

okay so I figured it out. when I first specified the coordinates for the player start I specified it lower than the terrain. so when I moved the player start it didn’t change the coordinates on the select the character buttons. so when I changed those it worked just fine thank you all for helping.