My terrible little beauty of a project!

Okay so to start this off, almost everything in this project(models, textures, meshes etc.) was taken from all the amazing free things people on the forums let us use. The core stuff was from the LandscapeMountains epic gave us. It would be extremly long and hard to dig up a credit list but if you do see some of your things in here, all credits to you. You guys made this terrible project that i call my masterpiece possible. For anyone new to this engine, you can do so much with the free things provided by people here, the community is amazing and everyone is willing to help you out. I started this project to learn a lot of basics of the engine and it totally paid off. Thank you to Epic for making such an unreal engine(pun intended) and thank you to all the people who contribute to this amazing community. Here are a few screen shots

Anyone who would like to can look around in the project:

Again, i do not own any of the things in this project. All credit goes to the people who made them. I can not stress that enough.
Also note in the files you can see some early files showing inventory and item pickups. Those were what i had planned before but scrapped.