My suscription looks cancelled but I recently got a student license


I’ve purchased Unreal Engine time ago and I canceled the suscription just the last month. When I realize that UnrealEngine is free for students throught GitHub I apply and I recieved my code to Unreal Engine license for 1 year… The problem is my suscription still saying “Canceled” and also I’m not able to download the last version of Unreal Engine (I’m still having the old 3.4.3 version of the engine)

How can I fix that?

Hi ,

Do you mean the 4.3 version of the engine? Did you go to the code redemption page located on your main page after login, here: ?

yeah sorry my bad with the number of Unreal Engine hahaha

anyway yeah even I recieved the email with the “Welcome to Unreal Engine”

Did you have the launcher open when you entered the code? If so have you tried closing and re-opening the launcher?

In fact I tried it again and told me the code is already redeemed

I haven’t… and I opened it again and nothing

Hi ,

I contacted our accounts team and this was the response given, please try the steps below and let me know if they work:

  1. Open the UE4 launcher
  2. At the top of the launcher, choose “engines”.
  3. From the drop down menu, choose the latest version and install.
  4. Log in using your EDU account information
    This should allow use of their UE4 license.

the only option in the top down menu is the UE4 4.4.3 just that version…

Hi ,

The 4.4.3 version of the engine is the latest build. That should give you what you are looking for.

oh ok… I’ll check when new version come out if the suscription is actually working…

anyway I’m just curious about this

I realized it says “Suscription ends in October 2015” :slight_smile: