My study of Architectural Visualization

I discovered UDK in 2011, bought digital courses, saw tutorials on the internet, did some testing and started to make a classroom course of games two year ago, I began to make a prototype of a condominium called Raffaela Tower, to serve portfolio for selling this type of service, was about 20% completed when the UE4 was made available by subscription, I fell in love, threw away what he had done with the UDK and resumed doing with the UE4, not repented me, finalized an interactive prototype for use with touchscreen monitors, oculus rift and navigation Xbox control, got it high rates of frame rate in a full condominium with several details, these rates vary from 75 to 110 fps.

I studied a series of optimizations, textures with 512 x 512 with UV repetitions, working static and stationary lights, use of decal to make fake shadows, low polygons, high light maps in only what is necessary, beyond the use of extreme levels.

Film 1
Film 2

This is awesome. Great work Ricardo. Goes to show the true potential of realtime.

Looks great. Roughly-speaking, how many hours did it take you to develop the building, the area around it, and the interactivity? Also, do you see issues showing off this demo whenever a new version of UE comes out?

Tcupp35, Thank you!!

brianzajac, I started this project in abril 2014 and finished in january 2015, I was learning ue4, remake sometimes the objects, materials and mainly blueprints. I was studing hud to make interactive menu when lauched 4.5 version with Umg, my project was growing up with new version of ue4.

Neat stuff! Keep it up!

excellent Demo! Hi Ricardo- just a quick question- were you working with a team or is it just you?

Thank you HaxO

Thank you serriffe, I worked alone in this demo in all elements.