My strafe jump blueprint isn't working! can anyone help me?


I’m trying to recreate quake 3’s strafe jumping mechanics, and i found this great video by Matt’s Ramblings.

Now i’m not bad at math, but i’m not amazing at it either so this video kinda got bit too complex for me. I tried to recreate the code in blueprints but it’s not working can anyone help me with this?

The result

  • Blue cone: Velocity
  • Red cone: My input

The code i’m trying to recreate:

My recreation:

With input:

I solved it!!!

So after posting this i found this great post by u/RogueVision and i after i replaced my code with theirs it worked perfectly!!! (after some tweaking of variables and a few changes so it supports multiplayer)

Variables that worked for me:

  • (In character Movement component) Air Control: 0.0
  • run_speed: 600
  • add_speed: 600
  • max_accel: 600
  • movement_scale: 800


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