My sound only works when the attenuation bubble is over the spawn area

I am using the AmbientSound object, and I’m trying to make a demonstration level showcasing spatial audio. The audio I’m using is simple 16-bit, 44.1kHz wav files so that’s all good. The problem is that the sounds cannot be heard unless the character spawns in the attenuation bubble. If there is a sound in the level elsewhere, and I walk up to it, it simply doesn’t play even though all the settings are the same. Moving this same object over the players spawn and pressing play, will have it behaving as it should. Additionally, if the player spawns in the sounds attenuation zone, where it is now playing, if I walk out of the zone and come back it stops playing. Is there any way to have it so the sounds can be placed anywhere on the map and still be heard even when going away and coming back? Thanks

That is the hole thing about attenuation. It defines where the sound can be heart and in which distance.

You should hear the sound everywhere when you don’t use attenuation for your sound. It can be configuredin the wave , in the cue , in the level and so on.

In the sound cue details


Thanks so much for that. Im a beginner to Unreal and I forgot that menu existed. You may have saved my project man

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