My sonic project.Need help!

My project in the link, Problem I am facing as you can see the anim montage JUMP is giving me t pose after 1 sec, i need the anim to continue intil i have reached the floor. Also how to do a launch animation in the animbp, i have tried with locomotion but failed.Thanks

Turns out I need to just add a fall animation after the spin and a land animation I have the assetts but not sure how to add htem in cos the jump is an anim montage.
I managed to solve the issue by creating a blendspace for my falling animations then linking it to my walk run in the locomotion.
Some things not fixed like he keeps jumping when i hit spacebar not once.
Also as you can see in the video if i jump at fast speed he plays the falling death animation.
Not quite sure what to do guys am still learning.