My solo project INSIGHT is now on Kickstarter, a first person shooter based on sound visualisation

Find it here:

I have developed the game from scratch, including the trailer and crowdfunding campaign, with some help from the community. I’m hoping to get the project funded so that I can develop it from a prototype into a commercial-ready release by working with a team.

Thanks for checking it out!

Looks great good luck !

Hi uunx,

INSIGHT is looking and sounding fabulous! The Weapons/Projectiles look highly polished, with solid feedback. Triple A production on the Demo Vid. I wish I could get on the game dev for this innovative Stealth FPS, but, I’m dev-deep in my own FPSRPG. Since, I cannot contribute my skills, I contribute a Pledge (Backer 22…Yay).

I’m keeping my eye on this one. Keep up the awesome Work!